Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Osaka Business and Investment Center (hereinafter “O-BIC”) is a not-for-profit organization jointly established by Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City and Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In performing our work, we handle diverse information on domestic and overseas commercial and industrial companies of various sizes and types, local governments, research and educational institutions and other types of organizations.
In this regard, we recognize that the endeavor to protect personal information obtained through O-BIC’s operations and activities constitutes our social responsibility. Therefore, we will take, and continue to implement, every possible measure to properly protect the personal information we retain, in accordance with the following policies:

1. Compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to personal information

O-BIC will handle personal information of specific individuals, observing the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws, regulations, guidelines and the like pertaining to personal information.

2. Collection of personal information

O-BIC will collect personal information through lawful and fair means.

3. Use of personal information

O-BIC will use personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use thereof that has been specified at the time of acquiring that information; and insofar as the use of the information is necessary to conduct O-BIC’s operations and activities. O-BIC may entrust the handling of personal information to an affiliated organization or a third party. In entrusting it to such entities, O-BIC will endeavor to protect personal information by choosing an entity that appropriately handles personal information, concluding a contract intended to ensure proper handling of the information, periodically inspecting the handling of the information pursuant to the contract, and taking other relevant measures.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

O-BIC will not provide personal information to any third party without obtaining the consent of the person who is identifiable by the said information, except in the case that the information is used jointly between/among O-BIC and its affiliated organization(s) or is provided to specific entity(ies) to which O-BIC’s operations and/or activities are entrusted or outsourced. However, this stipulation does not apply if the provision of that personal information is necessary for the reason of compliance with laws and regulations, protection of the life and/or property of an individual, and/or cooperation with the police, the courts or other public bodies.

5. Joint use of personal information

When jointly using obtained personal information between/among O-BIC and its affiliated organization(s), O-BIC will in advance notify the person who is identifiable by the said information, or will publicly announce on the O-BIC website, etc., the range of such affiliated organizations, the information to be jointly used, the purpose of the joint use, and other relevant information.

6. Proper management of personal information

O-BIC will maintain the accuracy of obtained personal information, and manage it safely and securely. To protect personal information from loss, destruction, alteration, leakage etc., O-BIC will properly manage that information by taking appropriate security measures against unauthorized access, computer viruses and other security-related problems. O-BIC will also prevent any leakage of personal information, by prohibiting unnecessary removing and/or sending of personal information out of O-BIC for purposes unrelated to O-BIC’s operations and activities, and by preventing other acts that may result in leakage of information.

7. Processing of personal information

O-BIC may assemble and analyze personal information obtained from the persons themselves (who are identifiable by that information), process it into statistical information in a manner that the said persons are not distinguishable or identifiable,and share it within O-BIC and provide it to administrative bodies and other related entities as materials for survey purposes.

8. Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information

If a person requests disclosure, correction, deletion, etc., of his/her own personal information, O-BIC will accommodate the request insofar as such accommodation is reasonable.

9. Organization and system for personal information protection

O-BIC will ensure proper management of personal information by appointing person(s) responsible for the management of personal information. O-BIC will also provide full-time staff members with training in how to protect and properly manage personal information, thereby ensuring that they consistently deal with personal information in a proper manner, not only during their routine work but also after they leave O-BIC.

10. Maintenance of and improvement in personal information protection

To observe and fulfill the aforementioned policies, O-BIC will continue to review and improve its efforts in protecting personal information.