Introduction to Companies in Osaka

Introduction to Companies in Osaka



Moving Forward: Voices from Foreign Companies in Osaka during Covid-19 2020.8

Mr. Li Yunyi

Hello everyone! I am Li Yunyi from Beijing, China. We opened MANSUIYA in Osaka, which mainly deals in Beijing delicacies, such as Peking roll lamb hot pot, Lamb spine hot pot, Peking duck and Bittern flapjack. Everyone is welcome to come and taste Beijing delicacies.

We came to Japan at the invitation of the Governor of Tottori Prefecture five years ago. Because the only Chinese garden in Japan is built in Tottori Prefecture, we intended to opened a distinctive Chinese restaurant in Tottori Prefecture, and we came to Japan. But in Tottori, there are not many tourist resources, and there is not a large number of diners either. So in this case, after many inspections, we moved to Osaka, the gourmet capital of Japan, and decided to try our best in Osaka.

Because in cooking Chinese cuisine, or Beijing delicacies, there are many restrictions on ingredients, we went through an arduous process at the beginning after coming to Osaka. Through the past few years, we have found sources for many ingredients. Some seasonings are brought by ourselves from China. In recent years, it has grown from a small shop with 3 tables to this shop with 11 tables and a capacity of 60 people. At the same time, we opened a branch in Shinsaibashi, the most prosperous region in Osaka, and the development of the business is decent. But this year we encountered a special situation. The pandemic worldwide is quite serious. So the Japanese government and local governments have given companies like us a lot of help. When we shortened our business hours and there were no customers coming to eat, the Osaka Prefecture government subsidized us 1 million yen, and the Japanese Government gave us 2 million yen. In this way, although our business has been greatly affected, we have successfully overcome the difficulties because of these subsidies.

Through opening restaurants in Japan in recent years, we feel that the conditions here are very good. The food safety of all ingredients is guaranteed. Especially, we received great help from the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. For example, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry gave us great assistance when we investigated kitchen management and store management in Japan.In the past few years, we have become very good friends with Mr.Sato, the former chairman of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who helped us a lot from then on. We visited and communicated with good companies in Japan, sometimes they even taught us in detail, and passed on their successful experiences to us. They also help us avoid wasting time due to unsuitable methods and make great progress here.

Here, I would like to thank the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Osaka Business and Investment Center for their help. Our company is also one of the members of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. With the help of the current chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and all the staff, I think we will make great progress and make the business better and better. Thank you all!

Establishment 2015
CEO Mr. Li Yunyi
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