Introduction to Companies in Osaka

Introduction to Companies in Osaka


J-KODAI Co.,Ltd.

Moving Forward: Voices from Foreign Companies in Osaka during Covid-19 2020.8

Ms. Nanae Ando

Ms. Emi Waki

J-KODAI Co.,Ltd. is a Japanese affiliate of the KANGDA Group in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. Our company was established in Osaka in August 2014. The KANGDA Group is mainly involved in the management of company canteens, the procurement of food, the running of schools, and the distribution warehouse control, among others, in local communities. In addition, the Group operates a wide range of businesses, ranging from the manufacturing of wire drawing dies to assistance for Japanese expats seeking medical services. Based in Japan, J-KODAI Co.,Ltd. mainly serves Chinese companies by assisting them in conducting supplier research and sourcing and exporting products from Japan. J-KODAI Co.,Ltd. also acts as a general agent for Chinese manufacturers, importing wire drawing dies and the relevant measuring instruments. Moreover, we assist foreign entrepreneurs in establishing and managing their businesses in Japan.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Chinese clients have cancelled their travel plans to Japan. The Wire Trade Fair in Germany was also cancelled. This means we lost opportunities to see our clients in person, but we have started to use the popular video conferencing system called ZOOM so that we can show them our factory in Hubei and hold technical meetings. We connect three locations, J-KODAI Co.,Ltd. in Osaka, the factory in Hubei, and our customer in Japan through Zoom video conferencing to discuss technical and other matters, which is highly appreciated by our customers.

Although Covid-19 has had a financial impact on our company, we are really grateful for the subsidies program for sustaining businesses set up by the Japanese Government and the subsidies for companies responding to the business suspension request set up by the Osaka Prefectural Government. Though we were not subject to the business suspension request, because overseas clients cancelled their travel plans to Japan and we were unable to go to overseas trade shows, we had no sales in April. So, we are extremely grateful to the Osaka Prefectural Government for their generous support, as well as to O-BIC for providing us with information on this support.

J-KODAI Co.,Ltd.
Establishment 2014
Management CEO Ms. Nanae Ando
Director Ms. Emi Waki
Business Trading, Consulting, Investment