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Company Name Administrative Scrivener Shon Legal Affairs Office
Address Ueroku bldg. #801, 2-5-7, Tohei, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0063
Name of Chief Executive Shon, Yong
Title of Chief Executive Administrative Scrivener
Business Outline We are a specialist office of administrative and legal services that you can rely on in various situations, such as visa application for foreigners (entering Japan), employment in Japan, job change, entrepreneurship, marriage, childbirth, nationality acquisition and inheritance. Our office provides multiple services and support that are unique in a way, as our office representative is a foreign national grown up in Japan.
Service for foreign company Providing administrative and legal support services to foreign business startup in Osaka
・Visa acquisition
・Establishment of company and business startup
・Acquisition of Certificate of Eligibility
・Translation and Interpretation
Year of Establishment 2009
Number of Employees 2
Person in Charge Yong Shon 
Department/Position Administrative Scrivener
TEL 81-6-6766-7775
FAX 81-6-6766-7755
Languages Japanese, Korean