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Company Name Tsukasa Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Office
Address 7-1-3-1201 Nishinakajima Yodogawa-ku Osaka-city Osaka 532-0011
Name of Chief Executive Oda, Koji
Title of Chief Executive Administrative Scrivener
Business Outline ・Company establishment (preparation of documents and various notifications)
・International business (the application procedure at the Immigration Bureau, such as acquisition of certificate of eligibility, status-of-residence change, extension of period, Foreign workers' employment relations)
・Acting for various permission approval applications
Service for foreign company Our office helps you acquire a certificate of eligibility to work in Japan by providing support from your viewpoint.
We supports the processing of application for obtaining the status of residence (Engineer/Specialist in Humanities /International Services) for your employees.
・Support of company and branch establishment in Japan
・Application procedure at the Immigration Bureau, such as application of the authorization of resident eligibility for working VISA acquisition, extension of period of status-of-residence and change of status-of-residence
・Legal matters on foreign workers' employment relations
Year of Establishment 2006
Number of Employees 2
Person in Charge Oda, Koji 
Department/Position Representative
TEL 06-4806-6312
Languages Japanese, English