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Accounting / Tax

Company Name AIC Co., Ltd. / AIC Tax Co.
Address Wako-building 4th floor, 2-2-17 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0012
Name of Chief Executive Kanezaki, Sadao
Title of Chief Executive Managing Partner
Business Outline We ensure the benefit of our customers through tax and accounting services, and provide suggestion on the best optimum management system. We have been taking advantage of relying on web meeting from the viewpoint of prevention of infectious diseases.
Service for foreign company - Bookkeeping, payroll, tax return
- English reporting
- Financial consulting, support on budget control
Year of Establishment 1991
Number of Employees 10
Person in Charge Kanezaki, Sadao 
Department/Position Managing Partner
TEL 81-6-6292-0586
FAX 81-6-6292-0587
Languages Japanese, English, Chinese