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Company Name Tax Accountant Corporation Higashitenma General Accounting Office
Address Chiyoda Bldg. Higashi 2F, 2-9-4 Higashitemma, Kita-ku Osaka 530-0044
Name of Chief Executive Horai, Tomio
Title of Chief Executive Representative, Tax Accountant
Business Outline Our office provides corporate training (management accounting, finance, executive training, etc.) based on operations such as tax affairs, accounting, and consulting. We also have a good networking with multiple relevant office so that we can respond to our clients from various angles.
Service for foreign company Mainly in China, we have been supporting new businesses, new fields (Chinese production rights market, upfront investment, etc.) , sales routing, sponsor search, etc.
Especially in Asia, we provide appropriate professional services to our clients according to their desire and intention.
Year of Establishment 1981
Number of Employees 16
Person in Charge Zhang Bo 
Department/Position Manager
TEL 06-6881-0701
FAX 06-6881-0702
Languages Japanese, Chinese