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Company Name VPLA LTD.
Address 6-7-2, Mitsushima, Kadoma-shi, Osaka 571-0015
Name of Chief Executive XUMIN LI
Title of Chief Executive CEO
Business Outline Consultation on business performance.
Through a comprehensive approach, we guide foreign-affiliated companies on the path to local integration in Japan. We provide one-stop support for drafting, planning, and execution, covering from initial phase of setting up business base to addressing marketing strategy including employees' recruitment.
Service for foreign company We will provide necessary support under cooperation with contracted specialists covering the following fields:
Market Research, Japan Entry Strategies, Financial Advisory,
Translation of Various Professional Fields,
Accounting (bookkeeping, billing, purchasing),
Network Infrastructure and Website Localization,
Payroll Management, Compensation, Expat Housing,
Office Relocation, Setup, and Equipment, Incubation Centers,
Executive Search, Temporary Staffing,
Labor Relations and Compliance
Year of Establishment 2021
Number of Employees 3
Person in Charge Li, Xumin 
Department/Position CEO
TEL +81-72-800-3283
FAX +81-72-800-3283
Languages Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), English