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Company Name Best Asset Legal Affairs & Real Estate Office
Address Intelligence Building #304, 1-9-10 Kozu, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0072
Name of Chief Executive Yasunori Adachi
Title of Chief Executive Representative
Business Outline Best Asset provides one-stop support for foreigners starting a business in Japan, including visa application, company establishment, business licenses, and rental/purchase of residences and offices. We also support the employment of foreigners in Japan and abroad who wish to find employment in Japan.
Service for foreign company 1. Visa application
2. Establishment of a company
3. business license and permit application
4. rental/purchase of residences and offices
5. employment of foreigners in Japan
Year of Establishment 2006
Number of Employees 3
Person in Charge Yasunori Adachi 
Department/Position Representative
TEL 06-6710-4965
FAX 06-6770-5148
Languages English