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Company Name PTS Japan K.K.
Address 31F Abeno Harukasu, 1-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 545-6031
Name of Chief Executive Kojima, Kenshou
Title of Chief Executive Managing Director
Business Outline PTS Japan has been contributing to the society by bridging the world since its establishment in 1997.
We have been providing high quality services in developing a new office, renovation or relocation of the current office and daily operation of the area of ICT (IT and Multimedia) and workplace innovation. Our staffs (approx. 80 members) are all bilingual or beyond. If you need high quality bilingual support, please contact PTS.
Service for foreign company We provide following solutions and services.
● Planning, design and technical consulting in the area of ICT (IT, Multimedia) and your workplace.
● Project management in the area of ICT (IT, multimedia) and your workplace.
● Managed service in the area of ICT (IT, multimedia) and your workplace (facility management).
● Procurement in the above Services.
● Contracting interior, ICT, AV related construction work (official permits acquired in the area of interior finishing work / electrical and telecommunication work) in the above Services.
● Resourcing Service.
Year of Establishment 1997
Number of Employees 80
Person in Charge Yuki Wakisaka 
Department/Position Osaka Branch / Manager
TEL +81 6 6625 5131 / +81 50 5533 0900(HQ)
Languages Japanese/English/Italian/German/French/Chinese/Korean