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Company Name LLC Z'xent Pro
Address #1101 Branz Tower Umeda North, 3-16-16 Toyosaki, Kita-Ku, Osaka, Japan 〒531-0072
Name of Chief Executive Matsunaka, Eiko (Judicial Scrivener, Administrative Attorney)
Title of Chief Executive Representative
Business Outline We are Legal Collaboration Group,located in Tokyo and Osaka, consisting of 2 legal firms and 1 company, Z'xent Pro.
Z'xent Pro will help overseas clients to communicate with the relevant organizations and firms in English as one team to meet your needs.
We also provide support on permit application and notarization.
Service for foreign company We are providing friendly, yet accurate service for foreign companies/individuals in the following fields in English.
-Consultation for setting up your business in Japan
-Support on visa application and company registration
-Assistance regarding purchasing or selling real estate
Year of Establishment 2008
Number of Employees 14
Person in Charge  
Matsunaka, Eiko  
Department/Position Representative
TEL +81-6-6136-3314
FAX +81-6-6136-3313
Languages Japanese, Engish