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Company Name Heritage Administrative Scrivener Office
Address Center Office No. 15, Sankyo Umeda Building 6F, 1-5 Doyama, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0027
Name of Chief Executive Miyazaki, Norio
Title of Chief Executive Representative, administrative scrivener
Business Outline We are an administrative scrivener office specializing in application for status of residence. We assist you with anything related to immigration and visa status. We can also introduce rental offices and provide support on incorporation procedures for those who wish to start a business in Japan.
Besides, we have been in close relationship with affiliated tax accountants that we can introduce to you to resolve tax issues.
Service for foreign company We provide support on visa acquisition and company establishment and introduce rental office for initial business setup in Japan. We can also introduce our affiliated tax accountant to you.
Year of Establishment 2015
Number of Employees 1
Person in Charge Miyazaki, Norio 
Department/Position Administrative scrivener
TEL 090-3676-8204
Languages Japanese, English, Chinese