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Company Name N&A Legal Office
Address Temmabashi Sky-Heights #703,1-2-1 Kokumachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0033
Name of Chief Executive Noriyuki Nishi
Title of Chief Executive Rrepresentative, Judicial Scrivener
Business Outline Legal services on corporate registration, real estate registration, documentation on lawsuits, contract documentation, application on naturalization, and legal consultation
Service for foreign company As a legal specialist office familiar in the town, we make our utmost effort in resolving your legal issues such as company registration, real estate registration, and any other matters related with your daily life and business.
Year of Establishment 2002
Number of Employees 2
Person in Charge Nishi, Noriyuki  
Department/Position Representative
TEL 81-6-6966-3710
FAX 81-6-6966-3665
Languages Japanese, English