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Company Name Okabe International Administrative Scriveners Corporation
Address CE Nishi-honmachi Bldg. 8F, 1-7-7 Nishi-honmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0005
Name of Chief Executive Okabe, Toshiaki
Title of Chief Executive Representative (administrative scrivener)
Business Outline *Immigration (Assistance for obtaining the entry VISA (Certificate of eligibility) (mainly working VISA), Procedures for extension of period of stay)
*Company Establishment (Preparation of company registration, notifications)
Service for foreign company 1. Consulting services on setting up business in Osaka for Chinese/Taiwanese/Korean companies.
2. Preparation for company/branch establishment, notifications
3. Procedures for obtaining a working visa, extension of period of stay and change of status of residence
4. One-stop service coverage under cooperation of contracted judicial scrivener.
Year of Establishment 2004
Number of Employees 2
Person in Charge Okabe, Toshiaki 
Department/Position Representative
TEL 06-6543-2900
FAX 06-7635-8689
Languages Japanese, Korean