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Company Name Aim Gyouseisyoshi Houjin
Address 1-2-14, Bingo-machi, Chuoku, Osaka city 541-0051
Name of Chief Executive Miyamoto, Masayuki
Title of Chief Executive Representative, administrative scrivener
Business Outline Aim has been established in Osaka City as an administrative scriveners office, providing support services on visa acquisition, certificate on Eligibility, etc. As for establishment of a company,
we provide one-stop service under cooperation with contracted judicial scrivener.
Service for foreign company We provide support to foreign companies seeking opportunity of business startup on applying for appropriate certificate on eligibility.
We also have a perfect cooperative relationship with contracted legal scrivener to extend one-stop service for company registration.
Year of Establishment 2017
Number of Employees 1
Person in Charge Miyamoto, Masayuki  
Department/Position Representative, administrative scrivener
TEL 06-4708-6662
FAX 06-6222-6226
Languages Japanese, Chinese