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Company Name Kaido Legal Office
Address 2-8-11-5F, Minami-semba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, 542-0081
Name of Chief Executive Kaido, Koichi
Title of Chief Executive Representative
Business Outline We are nationally qualified legal professionals, "shihoshoshi" in Japanese, which is often called (judicial or legal) scriveners. Our work addresses the various legal needs of our clients, offering our expertise in the specialized work of registration of real estate and corporations.
Service for foreign company To offer specialized service and support with regard to establishment of a company, registration of real estate, etc. We also provide support for acquiring a certificate of eligibility.
Year of Establishment 2014
Number of Employees 3
Person in Charge Kaido, Koichi 
Department/Position Representative, judicial scrivener
TEL 06-6266-4940
FAX 06-6563-7798
Languages Japanese, Chinese