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Company Name Tsujimoto Law & Patent Firm
Address Nice One Building, 2-6-20 Ueshio, Chuoku, Osaka, 542-0064
Name of Chief Executive Tsujimoto, Kiyoshi
Title of Chief Executive Representative
Business Outline Legal Department handles all civil and commercial legal issues such as corporation, contract, finance, real estate, etc.
Intellectual Property Department handles all intellectual property issues such as investigation, expert opinion, application, trial, negotiation, litigation, evaluation, etc.
Service for foreign company As a team with patent attorney in Japan and NY, we have been handling broad range of domestic and international, legal / intellectual property issues and disputes.
Year of Establishment 1971
Number of Employees 25
Person in Charge Tsujimoto, Kiyoshi  
Department/Position President
TEL 06-6766-6111
FAX 06-6763-4837
Languages Japanese, English