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Osaka Location and Basic Data

Kansai International Airport medium and long-distance air network

Osaka acts as a gateway connecting Japan to Asia and the rest of the world.
The Kansai International Airport is the base for this. It is currently connected to 82 cities in 24 countries and regions. There are also extensive international freight flights, as flights can be operated around the clock.

Kansai International Airport medium and long-distance air network

Domestic access

Osaka is also in a very convenient location for transportation within Japan.
It is possible to move smoothly to the other cities of the Kansai region and to the rest of Japan, by using the network of railways and roads that radiates out from within Osaka City, or by using air access via the Osaka International Airport or Kansai International Airport.

Domestic access

Basic data for Osaka

Osaka has a long history, as the capital in olden times and also as a gateway for international exchange. From the early-modern times, it prospered as a central area for business and finance and played a large role in the growth and development of Japan’s industrial economy.
The Kansai region that is centered on Osaka has a population of 20 million people and a GDP of approximately 96 trillion yen. This massive market has led to many companies running lively business activities in a wide variety of industrial fields. There are also many universities and specialist organizations carrying out high level research and technological development.

Osaka City Osaka Pref. Tokyo Japan (Unit) Sources
Area 225.21 1,905.14 2,190.00 377,971.57 (km²) (1)
Population 2,691,185 8,839,469 13,515,271 127,094,745 (persons) (2)
Daytime Population 3,555,100 9,233,700 15,955,900 127,110,000 (persons) (3)
Population Density 11,949.7 4,639.8 6,168.7 340.8 (persons/km²) (4)
Number of Households 1,354,793 3,923,887 6,701,122 53,448,685 - (5)
GRP 19,485.4 37,934 94,902 514,296 (billion yen) (6)
Number of Business Establishments 230,630 486,222 766,868 6,356,329 (7)
Number of Employees 1,120,195 3,777,655 5,858,959 58,919,036 (persons) (8)
(1) Area of prefectures and municipalities in Japan, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (October 2016)
(2)-(5), (8) Population Census, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (FY2015)
(6) Cabinet Office, Prefectural Accounts (FY2014)
(7) Population Census, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications(FY2010)

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