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Accounting / Tax

Company Name Feel Free Consulting LLC
Address Higashitenma 2-6-7 Higashi-ichigokan 9F, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
Name of Chief Executive Kinichi Ichikawa
Title of Chief Executive Representative Officer
Business Outline Accounting and bookkeeping, Preparation for tax returns, Support for
beginning of business in Japan
Service for foreign company 1 Support & Advise about accounting and bookkeeping

2 Advise & Preparation for tax returns and documents

3 Valuation of the share, and due diligence

4 Advise about business entity

5 Advise to problems when begin business in Japan.
-What kind of entity would be established. (in this case its cost, terms, taxzation, etc)
-How would you control the cash-in and out on the bank, etc.
-What problems are there in small equity or negative balance on balance sheet, etc.
-How would a foreigner's salary be calculated, etc.

6 Support for reporting(a monthly, Q, YTD. It might include entry about an accounting system like a COGNOS)

7 Other advise for some questions about Japanese business environment, to parents and local company.
Year of Establishment 2011
Number of Employees 3
Person in Charge Mr. Kinichi Ichikawa 
TEL +81-6-6356-3366
FAX +81-6-6356-3376
Languages Japanese, English