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Company Name HUMAN TREND
Address 3-15-5 Yamadanishi, Suita-shi, Osaka, 565-0824
Name of Chief Executive Sayoko Yoshizawa
Title of Chief Executive Business Consultant for Employment
Business Outline Help Foreign Enterprises or Foreign People to Settle down in Japan.
Service for foreign company Business Consultant for International Employment and Social Insurance System in Japan. Coordinate Human Resource. Make a solution in the field of Laborers or Staff. Translation any Documents between any Languages except medical or patent field.
Year of Establishment 1
Number of Employees 1
Person in Charge Ms.Sayoko Yoshizawa 
Department/Position Director
TEL 080-2424-4963 (English available) / 06-6878-3033 (Japanese only)
Languages English and Spanish(speaking) Any language(writing)