Industry of Osaka

Attractive point of Osaka: Major Industries

Major industries and bases that Osaka and Kansai lead in

There is an area of Osaka Prefecture from northern Osaka to Osaka Bay area where there is a concentration of advanced companies and research facilities.

Major industries and bases that Osaka and Kansai lead in

A Base for Environmental Technology and Alternative Energy - Osaka Bay Area -

Kansai is home to numerous environment- and new energy-related industries, such as those handling batteries. In the Osaka Bay Area are located companies from the renewable energy industry, handling not only batteries but also large-scale waste power generation and mega-solar power generation systems, as well as plant factory institutions. In light of this, we aim at establishing a battery-related innovation hub representing Asia in the Yumeshima/Sakishima Area, with clusters of production sites of R&D-based companies.

Megawatt class solar power generation, renewable energy and environment related facilities in the Osaka Bay Area
One of the world’s largest testing and evaluating facilities for large-scale battery energy storage systems established in Osaka Bay Area [Sakishima Area]

Providing a spark for the creation of a new industrial hub

  • NITE* developed this testing and evaluating laboratory for large-scale battery energy storage systems. This is one of the largest facilities of its kind across the globe.
  • Started pilot services in July 2016. Osaka Prefecture is working to promote the utilization and reinforcement of the facility in cooperation with NITE and the national government.
  • We aim to establish a one-stop service system in Osaka for companies planning to advance into battery-related businesses.
* National Institute of Technology and Evaluation
NLAB (National Laboratory for Advanced Energy Storage Technologies)Photo provided by NITE
Demonstration project for the reuse of EV batteries [Yumeshima Area]

Application example of the national “special zones” system

  • A demonstration project has been in progress since March 2014 to establish a highly-economical large-scale storage battery system by connecting a large number of used EV batteries.
  • This is a project that contributes to the realization of a low-carbon, recycle-based society by promoting wider use of EVs and enhancement of renewable energy at the same time.
  • In the future, we plan to develop low-cost power storage systems using this technology, and create a new energy management business that provides a stable storage battery-based power service.
  • 【Demonstration 1】PV power fluctuation suppression system on users’ side
    Introduction of the system also on users’ side (peak shaving, backup)
  • 【Demonstration 2】Using “FIT solar systems” during disasters
    Utilization of part of the “FIT solar systems” that cannot be used during disasters to supply power to storage batteries
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KIX hydrogen grid project【Kansai International Airport Area】
  • Demonstration operation of fuel cell forklifts and hydrogen-supplying infrastructure is being carried out for the first time in an Asian airport.
  • It is expected that the fuel cell forklifts will help increase operational efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions,and improve operational environment.
  • The first “hydrogen refueling station” in an airport in Japan supplying hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles.
  • #
  • Charging hydrogen to a fuel cell forklift
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  • Iwatani Hydrogen Refueling Station in KIX
    (Opened in January 2016)
Japan’s largest fuel cell system installed in a prefectural facility
  • A private enterprise installed Japan’s first 1-megawatt size commercial fuel cell system at Osaka Prefectural Central Wholesale Market and is implementing a demonstration project on the CO2 emission reduction effect and the power supply stability and reliability.
  • The Market purchases generated power and uses it as emergency power source.
  • #
  • 1.2-megawatt fuel cell SOFC
    started operation in March 2015
  • #
  • Osaka Pref. Central Wholesale Market,
    where the system is installed

※Source : Osaka Prefectural Government "Osaka Investment Guide"

A Cluster of Drug Discovery and Related Businesses―SAITO―

Number of leading domestic and international pharmaceutical companies have long been based in Osaka. The Saito Life Science Park serves as a major base for research and technical development in the field of life science, covering biotechnology, drug discovery, medical devices, regenerative medicine, and food, among others.

Innovation facilities at the SAITO Life Science Park
Saito Bio Incubator Saito Bio Incubator
  • The first public-built privately operated style incubation facility in Japan
  • Major cooperating university: Osaka University
  • Animal experimentation facilities have been jointly established on the first floor.
Saito Bio Hills Center Saito Bio Hills Center
  • An authorized incubation facility (qualified for public support) that was established by Yashima Pure Chemicals Co., Ltd., a private company
  • A site for exchange at the SAITO Life Science Park (joint establishment of the Saito Bio Hills Club)
Saito Bio Innovation Center Saito Bio Innovation Center
  • This facility is mostly for life sciences related venture companies that are one step on from the start-up stage and small and medium-sized companies that are developing a new business.
  • It is possible to use the neighboring animal experimentation facilities.
  • There is a facility for manufacturing investigational new drugs on the fourth floor, to support the research and development of venture companies.

Inquiries regarding incubation facilities (Japanese only)
Bio-Sight Capital, Inc.
Inquiries regarding grounds for facilities inside the SAITO Life Science Park(Japanese only)
Saito (International Culture Park) Promotion Council

An Accumulation of Cutting-edge Manufacturing Companies - Higashiosaka -

Osaka has the greatest number of manufacturing establishments in Japan. It is an area where the artisan spirit lives on, with more than 60% of industrial production taking place in small and medium-sized enterprises. There is a concentration of unique small and medium-sized businesses that take the top share globally, in areas from lock nuts, screws and machining to robots and toothbrushes. It forms an essential industrial base (supporting industry) for the development of new growth sectors and cutting-edge products.

“HARDLOCK nuts” have a solid good reputation around the world

HARDLOCK Industry Co., Ltd.
HARDLOCK Industry Co., Ltd.
A global share exceeding 70% for liquid crystal panel cutting machines (The photograph shows a cutting machine for small and medium-sized liquid crystal panels)
Mitsubishi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.
Molds recognized by famous automobile manufacturers around the world

Yamanaka Eng Co., Ltd.
Yamanaka Eng Co., Ltd.
MOBIO (Monodzukuri Business Information-center Osaka) - Aiming to match up manufacturing company innovation

This is a comprehensive support base for manufacturing. It has been established within Creation Core Higashi Osaka in Higashiosaka City, to promote the matching up of small and medium-sized manufacturing company innovation. It develops and implements various support measures as a comprehensive center for business matching for manufacturing in Osaka. Administrative organizations such as the Osaka Prefectural Government Manufacturing Support Division and highly experienced coordinators from support organizations take a central role to try to bring people together and to try to bring technologies together, in order to increase the opportunities for new business.

An Accumulation of “Knowledge” Aiming for Innovation Creation - Umekita -

The Osaka-Umeda terminal is used by an average of around 2.5 million people each day. “Grand Front Osaka” was opened in April 2013 as a new “town” at the gateway to Osaka.
Private enterprises are cooperating to promote attractive and high quality manufacturing around the core of the “Knowledge Capital.” This is a base for intellectual creation to create the next generation of industries with the concept of creating new value through the fusion of sensitivity and technology.
The Umekita Project, already underway, is a large-scale complex development at the former cargo yard in front of Osaka Station. This continues the area’s development, following the earlier opening of Grand Front Osaka in 2013.Umekita 2nd Project, are working to establish an urban development with offices, hotels, core functions, commercial facilities, an urban park and housing that leads the way from Umekita for Osaka, the Kansai region and the whole world.
Aiming for utilization in a wide range of scenes by all kinds of people, from residence to business, the project awaits its advance opening in Summer 2024.


Knowledge Capital

The aim is that people such as businesspeople, researchers, creators and general users can combine the “sensitivity” and “technology” that they each have to create “new value.” The Knowledge Capital provides the “location” and “opportunity” for this and implements intellectual creation activities.

Knowledge Capital
Knowledge Capital

A New Hub for the Health and Medical Fields―KENTO―

Northern Osaka Health and
Biomedical Innovation Town (KENTO)
Northern Osaka Health and
							Biomedical Innovation Town

Kento, with an area of approximately 30 hectares, is now being developed into a health and biomedical innovation hub, centered around the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, to be relocated and renovated (starting operation in July 2019), and the National Institute of Health and Nutrition, to be relocated from Tokyo. The area features excellent access, being located close to both Umeda and Shin-Osaka. As the development of health- and biomedical-related facilities is steadily in progress, we are planning to attract corporate R&D facilities and other organizations to the KENTO Innovation Park. For details, please refer to the website of Osaka Bio Headquarters.

The International Hub for Medical Innovation that Promotes Industrialization and Practical Application of Medical Innovation Based on Regenerative Medicine―NAKANOSHIMA―

International hub for medical innovation in Nakanoshima

Japan is ready to lead the world in the field of regenerative medicine, supported by favorable conditions including the introduction of the system of approval with conditions and time limitations based on the revision of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in 2014.
Furthermore, Osaka/Kansai has been selected as the venue for cutting-edge research by world-leading institutions such as Osaka University, Kyoto University, and Riken Institute of Physical and Chemical Research.
  Under these circumstances, we are planning to establish in Nakanoshima an international hub for Medical Innovation, or cutting-edge medicine that responds promptly to future progress in medical technologies (such as genomic medicine and AI/IoT utilization), based on regenerative medicine.

Nakanoshima, where the International Hub for Medical Innovation is scheduled to be created

  Nakanoshima is a major business district in Osaka. At the same time, the area serves as a cultural and information center where museums and an international conference hall are located.
  Accessibility from overseas will be improved with the opening of a new station on Naniwasuji Line planned in 2031, connecting the area directly with the gateway to Osaka/Kansai: Kansai International Airport.


For details, please refer to the website of Osaka Prefecture.